Getting autumn ready…

September comes and I’m totally ready for it… I cannot wait to get that heating on, even when we’ve not had much of a Summer here in the UK (we certainly didn’t this year). The busyness of Summer has gone and I start to enjoy the familiar feelings of our home even more than usual. It’s time to think about making the home more cosy, but also getting organised as I feel I have a bit more time in these months. So for my first blog post, I’m going to go through what I’m planning to do this year to get autumn ready…

More blankets, more cushions, MORE TEXTURES…

I wouldn’t say I change the decor much to create a more autumnal feel in the home – although it is something I’ve always thought about and probably will in the future. I went for cushions and throws that suited both Summer and Winter months – but one thing I like to do is add more to the mix. There’s nothing better than snuggling up in the softest blanket as you settle down with a cuppa and a book. I absolutely love BASKETS so I gather my favourite ones like this one pictured and just fill them with blankets and throws. We also have a window seat in the dining room that I haven’t dressed yet – so I will be ensuring to add some pillows and throws to there to create my cosy ‘people watching’ seat… I joke, I live in a cul-de-sac so hardly anyone ever walks past. When I’m looking for rugs, cushions, blankets – I try to get as many textures as possible so it just looks like one big cosy den. A favourite of mine is this bargain rug from IKEA – I have bought lots of these in the past for garden parties, use in Sophia’s room, to hang over benches, even as a table display once. You don’t have to spend much to create this cosy vibe by adding more fabrics – £20-£30 in IKEA could get you exactly what you need.


In my eyes, there’s nothing better than ‘lamp light’. It’s just such a nicer, more atmospheric light than the big light – I feel like Peter Kay when I say that! We bought a cracking floor lamp for our living room earlier this year from Argos (unfortunately they do not sell it anymore). I was inspired by Olivia from Lust Living’s blog as she reminded me to look for things from these high street retailers. I was glad we did as that corner with the lamp is definitely our ‘cosy corner’. Along with lamps, I love lighting candles and popping our electric fire light on – but with a toddler around now, I don’t seem to do these as much.


Diffusing essential oils has completely changed our home this year. Since getting involved with Neal’s Yard Remedies, I am now obsessed with diffusing an oil that suits my mood or even helps me in the situation I am in. We have a Neal’s Yard diffuser in the bedroom and a diffuser bought from Amazon in the living room. I’m even starting to think about buying a new one for the hallway – only because I know Neal’s Yard are releasing a new one soon that will go so well in there!

If I was to pick one essential oil that you must use this autumn – it’s Frankincense. It really is a wonder oil and smells amazing with it’s calming and woody aroma. It not only relieves anxiety but it also helps to fights colds too – so perfect for this time of year.

Calming Diffusion Recipe (just add to a diffuser, vaporiser or oil burner)
*5 x drops of Frankincense Essential Oil
*3 x drops of Neroli Essential Oil
*2 x drops of Mandarin Essential Oil


Easy hearty meals are a must for this time of year. I seem to get the buzz to ‘batch cook’ around this time – I must unconsciously be planning for hibernation or something… Anyway, for years I have loved the Jamie Oliver’s Superfood Family Classics book. There’s a section within it about batch cooking and I just love it and it makes me want to get organised. So far I’ve batched cooked the 7-veg pasta sauce and frozen 15 servings – great for a quick pasta and sauce for Sophia, or I’ve even used for our own tomato base when making our own pizzas. I recently watched Lauren from Hunters and Heels’ video on a similar sauce and how she made it into lasagne and other recipes, which looked great. I also plan to batch cook the Ragu within Jamie’s book along with some favourites I’ve made before:

  • Healthy chicken nuggets
  • Chunky fish fingers
  • Thai green curry paste
  • My own pesto

I will share with you any amazing recipes we are enjoying.


And finally, my must for this time of year, is to plan some nights where we stay in and enjoy all this ‘hygge’. Recently, Steven and I decided to make a big deal about a movie night – we decided for Steven to choose the film and I choose the food. It was lovely as usually we’re quite busy, either with social plans or trying to do things in the house that you don’t often get chance to do in the day when Sophia is awake. Appreciating our homes, cuddling up as families for movie nights, enjoying delicious hearty meals is what autumn is all about.



I can be a perfectionist at times, and I certainly strive to be the ‘perfect’ parent, wife, or host to my guests. I am learning to relax in this area and accept that I’m not perfect, no-one is. So, with that in mind, I think it’s also important to share a few ‘reality’ images that took place in making this blog, and I will continue to do this going forward….

Living Room Reality
A lot of washing up – I was there all evening (but it was worth it)!


I hope you enjoyed my first blog – I intend to write one a week if I can try to keep it up :)!

Have a great start to your Autumn.

Sarah xoxo

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