A Rainbow Room for our big girl

Sophia recently turned three, and I always had envisioned that she would move into the guest bedroom for her third birthday. It would be her ‘big girl’s room’ – time to move out of the cot bed and into the toddler bed. Earlier in the year, mid-lockdown, I asked Sophia what she would like her big girl’s room to be like and she answered ‘rainbows’ – obviously because there was lots of rainbows around at the time. So I thought great, let’s get to it.

We kept the room reveal a surprise until her birthday morning, and she was made up with what we had done. What do you think…


I wanted her room to feel more grown up for her, so I added a desk and chair which she could use for make up and hair, but also colouring and writing. I loved the Olli Ella shelf that colouring paper rolls fit on, and her pencil pot from H&M. Since moving into her room, we’ve done her hair at her desk each morning and it’s just made those little moments more special.


Storage was a MUST for us – at the time, Sophia had a lot of her toys dotted around the house as they didn’t fit in her old room. Now, we’ve managed to organise a few of them to be stored in here – with thanks to IKEA and their amazing storage solutions. Firstly, we found the Bullig boxes were perfect for looking nice under her Minnen bed – which is also extendable so will grow with her. We made a feature of IKEA’s Kallax shelves, laying one on it’s side and one standing tall – that way we were able to make a cosy bench with a perfect-fitting cushion for reading or chilling. We alternated the seagrass boxes within the Kallax shelving so we could have some boxes for toys and open space for books. Sophia also has so many soft toys – things that are sentimental so it’s difficult to store these away. We put them in belly baskets and dotted them around her room, which I thought was a good way to store them…for now.


Adding unique and sentimental things to her room was my most favourite part. We absolutely loved the rainbow stickers from Etsy – it was the most perfect chalk-looking, muted rainbow. We were really pleased with the seller here too as they sent us lots of samples so we could choose which rainbow style we preferred. The macrame rainbow hanger is also a favourite along with the Little Dutch abacus and her personalised ‘Sophia’ print. As you can see, I went a bit rainbow mad in the end.

More rainbow gear from Liewood


The final bits to add were the cosy items – the cushions, the rug, the blankets, the twinkly lights around the bed and of course a Google Home so she can play her favourite songs in there. Both sets of bedding from H&M were perfect along with her rainbow cushion. Now bedtime stories are just that bit more cosy for our little girl.

I hope you love Sophia’s big girl room as much as I do – it actually makes me emotional when I’m in there. She loves playing, reading, or listening to music in there – there’s now so much more room to dance and play and it’s so lovely to see, she’s definitely grown up!

Any questions about the room, please let me know.

Sarah xoxox

2 thoughts on “A Rainbow Room for our big girl

  1. Beautiful images of a beautiful room. I love the bedding, so charming! I’ve just discovered you and enjoying browsing your posts. Such a lovely blog!


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