Easy tips to create a cosy and relaxing home workspace

2020 has been a crazy year, and working from home is becoming the norm for many of us. Personally, I like to have a mix of WFH and the social interactions in the office and I’m lucky enough to be able to do this mix long-term now. Working from home certainly has it perks – being able to get on top of the washing during my lunch break or even have a coffee in the garden on a sunny day. Now we’re coming into the colder months, it’s a good time to look at our working space to see if we can make it an inviting place to be – even if it is the kitchen table! I’ve teamed up with the lovely Gill from Hoogaly.com to bring you our tips to create a cosy, comfy, stress-free workspace.  Because when we feel content, we tend to do our best work…

1.    Create a relaxing home workspace

G – We’ve realised how important it is to love where you work – especially when you’re working from home.  Not only with the way it looks, but also in how you keep your home workplace a stress-free environment too.  It’s no secret that dotting plants around your home in plant pots helps to keep a calming atmosphere. But as the weather turns cooler, it is harder to keep those house plants alive (it’s one of my weaknesses!) So why not replace plants with Autumnal leaves or festive potpourri?

S – I’ve really enjoyed creating a ‘clutter-free’ space that I can quickly adapt into a calming workspace – one of my favourite pieces of furniture is our pop-up, wall mounted desk.  It allows me to keep my desk clutter-free, and I ensure to pack things away and put the desk down at the end of the day, so I mentally know ‘work has finished’.  I also add cushions, a diffuser with some lovely essential oils in or a candle – to add atmosphere and for my body to reap the benefits of the scents. 

My WFH Calming Blend:

2.    Dabble in new teas and coffees

G – If you’re anything like me, then the humble cup of tea is the perfect start to the day. But when you’re working from home, it can be tempting to put the kettle on more than you perhaps would in the office. But how about instead of your usual tea or coffee you try a herbal tea or flavoured coffee? And when served in your favourite tea or coffee mug, it’s ultra-comforting.

S – I love herbal teas or a cappuccino to perk me up.  Neal’s Yard Remedies have a great selection of herbal teas – ‘Bright Start’ or ‘Fired Up’ teas would be perfect for the working day, and I love them both.  Sometimes having a cuppa can be that calming moment you needed to continue in your working day – I always ensure I have one in hand during a zoom meeting.

3.    Ensure you’re sitting comfortably

G – Staring at a computer screen at the kitchen table, you may find that you’re not sitting as comfortably as you normally would in the office. So drape a cosy blanket or throw over the back of your chair, and when you feel your neck starting to ache, remember to release your shoulders and wrap the blanket around you for soothing comfort.  Obviously, this is also perfect for keeping warm in the cooler months when you are trying not to put the heating on excessively!

S – I certainly have trouble with my shoulders and neck after sitting at a desk all day and I have found doing five minutes of ‘Desk Yoga’ before lunch has improved my aches and pains too.  I also always have a blanket over my knees and my slippers on under the table – no-one needs to know!

4.    Listen to your favourite calming sounds

S – I’m one of those people that works better with music.  So I like to have some quiet music on playing through my Amazon Echo – it’s usually some country music such as Ray Lamontagne during these colder months.  The music makes me feel calm and helps me to focus.  Have a try of my Autumn playlist and see how you feel. 

5.    Make working from home a little less stressful

G – What we’re trying to say is: really, there’s no need to stress! Just taking a little time to make your workspace feel relaxed, cosy, comfy – and better.

S – I totally agree, your surroundings are so important and it’s important to touch on all of your senses I think.  Mental health is going to be a challenge for many working from home over the winter, so here are some further tips to help:

  • If you can, step away from your desk for your lunch or a brew
  • Try to squeeze in a walk around the block to get some fresh air
  • Clear day? Hang some washing outside or potter in the garden


Share your relaxing workspaces with us

Let us know how you get on! We’d love to see the small ways you make your workspace a relaxing place.  Use #cosyworkspace and tag us @hiyahoogaly @cosy.home.living in your Instagram posts.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and we look forward to seeing some of your cosy workspaces! Oh, and before you go, take a look at the Hoogaly online comfy store to delve into a world of wonderful treats that help create a comfortable, happy and relaxing workspace.

Take care,

Sarah and Gill


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