DIY Mini Pond and Fountain

So if you follow me on Instagram, you will know I’ve fallen in love with the garden this year. Growing veg, planting flowers, learning new things… and of course watching Gardener’s World every Friday evening! After Monty discussed how beneficial his pond was to the wildlife and what amazing feature it was in the garden, I immediately wanted my own, but I had one problem – I didn’t have the space. So I decided to create my own mini pond and fountain…

Reasons to make a mini pond and fountain in your garden:

  • Help the wildlife – it helps birds to get a drink and a wash, the frogs a place to hang and it attracts other pond insects
  • Saves your flowers and veg – Attracting all this wildlife helps to keep bugs and birds away from eating your plants
  • To enjoy the sound of running water
  • Ability to grow aquatic plants
  • Easy and good to make with the kids
  • Good in little space such as a balcony or terrace yard
  • Quick and easy to make with little cost

All you need:

  1. A Large Plant Pot with no hole at the bottom (see similar pot here)
  2. A brick and stones from your garden
  3. Some aquatic plants (I chose a Water Lily and ‘ranunculus aquatillis‘)
  4. A solar powered fountain

All for under £40.

And it’s very easy to assemble, just pop all in the pot, follow the instructions with the aquatic plants and fill with water. Wait for a sunny day for your solar powered fountain to work, and hey-presto, there you have your mini pond and fountain.

I hope to see those aquatic plants in full flourish next year, I’ll let you know how they get on! Happy gardening – I hope to make some more of these next Spring!

Sarah xoxox

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