Essentially obsessed…

Do you get to thirty and then you are introduced to essential oils – is that the rule? I honestly think I did not know about them in my teens or twenties, like it was some sort of secret club for over thirties only (ha) – and when I found out about them, I was opened up to a world of possibilities and an exciting new passion of mine.

I want this blog to be an introduction to essential oils or an ‘essential oils for dummies‘ guide as this is exactly what I needed when I was introduced to them last year. How do you use them, what do you use them for, why do we need to be careful with them, who can use them, why are they so essential? Hopefully this blog will set your foundations for your essential oil knowledge, and start you off on your oil journey…


They’re basically a concentrated, smelly oil made from plants and natural sources. Made in a variety of ways, but usually extracted by distillation by using steam. You find them in perfumes, soaps, cosmetics and other products, sometimes even food. However, the most exciting use for them is in aromatherapy…

Frankincense – has a lovely woody smell, great for meditation.


Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine. Essential oils are used throughout aromatherapy to heal or help conditions. So they are like your ‘natural’ doctor. Here are some of my favourite essential oils and their main use (as please note, each one can help with so many things):

That really is just the tip of the iceberg on what they can assist with, and they don’t just help with physical symptoms. Helping with your emotions is one of the main reasons why I wanted to learn more about essential oils. At times of stress, grief, anxiety, upset, happiness – whatever it is, I search for an essential oil that will help or suit my mood.

Rose – all the skincare range that I use contains this oil – great for the skin


Everyone can use them – but you need to be careful if you’re pregnant or have children. There are just certain guidelines to follow for those. You can find these guidelines online, or I trust the Neal’s Yard Essential Oil book. It’s good to know that Lavender is basically the safest oil ever though! I’ve recently put a diffuser in Sophia’s room and pop a few drops of Lavender in before bedtime.

Lavender – the bedtime saviour!


Essentials oils can be used EVERYWHERE. On the go, in the car, at home, at work, during exercise. I will get into the detail on how I like to use my essential oils next, yet I thought I would mention these ‘Remedies to Roll‘ from Neal’s Yard as these are perfect for using essential oils wherever you go. Just apply onto pulse points in time of need.

Grapefruit – my favourite to give me a boost in the morning!


You can use essential oils in many ways – yet I’m going to tell you about how I like to use them and share with you a few recipes along the way.

In the bath…

When using essential oils in the bath, I feel the effects throughout my whole body. I made a lavender and eucalyptus oil to add to my bath recently as I felt like I was full of a cold plus was going to bed soon. I have never felt so relaxed. Every limb in my body was tired and ready for bed, and I slept so soundly that night.

Please note: when adding essential oils to a bath, ensure the bath is completely run and you use a carrier oil. Adding the essential oils in neat can burn you, depending which one you are adding in.

My ‘Soothing’ Bath Oil Recipe

3 x tablespoons of ‘create your own’ bath oil or whole milk
3 x drops of lavender
2 x drops of coriander
2 x drops of black pepper

In the diffuser…

Definitely a bedtime favourite for me

Inhaling essential oils from a diffuser is the easiest way to quickly feel the effects of them. I read somewhere once it takes twenty-minutes for the effects to get into your bloodstream and therefore reap the benefits. You can buy electric diffusers pretty cheaply from Amazon or Neal’s Yard also sell some that are more the luxury item. Using a diffuser is easy – add water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Mine turns off when the water runs out so we regularly put on before bed and it just goes off when we’re sleeping.

My Bedtime Diffusion

2 x drops of Lavender
2 x drops of Frankincense
2 x drops of Mandarin

In a body lotion…

Neal’s Yard have a ‘create your own’ body lotion that is completely unscented – and I like to add my own essential oils to that. I added mandarin and grapefruit to it and used throughout the summer months to give me some energy at the start of my day.

In my own cleaning products…

Organic Defence is a natural protection against most common bacteria and viruses

So far I’ve created my own bathroom spray, pillow spray and room sprays using essential oils, and it really is so easy. It also makes me feel good – I’m being more eco-friendly making my own cleaning products and I also get the satisfaction that my child and family are not breathing in any harsh chemicals from these products. I get all my recipes from a fellow Neal’s Yard consultant and insta-friend, Kelly at Organised Motherhood.

Quick Room Spray

You need:
*Glass Bottle with ‘squirty’ nozzle
*Cooled boiled Water
*Your choice of essential oil

Fill bottle with 50% vodka, and 50% cooled boiled water. Shake.
Add 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil (my favourite is grapefruit). Shake before use.

Other ways to use essential oils…

I’m still experimenting quite a bit with essential oils, and still haven’t tried some of the recipes that are within my essential oils book. I am still yet to add to a massage oil or a cold compress, or even use them neat on things like cuts. One tip I have received is adding a few drops to your car vents and popping the blowers on within the car – that sounds like a great way to get a quick boost.

Neal’s Yard

You can probably see here that I only use Neal’s Yard when using essential oils. I know there are other brands out there, and a lot of them claim to be similar to Neal’s Yard in terms of using ethically sourced products, organic and natural. For me, Neal’s Yard are the trusted, family owned business that has been running for decades – they’re the ones to trust in my eyes and as I’m ‘in the loop’ with the business, I know what they say is true.


If you are thinking someone would love experimenting with essential oils then this is a great gift to get that person – the Create Your Own Aromatherapy Starter Kit. It comes with a little book of instructions, a few oils along with a mixing base oil and a mixing jar. Perfect. But only available on the run up to Christmas 2019.

For you, I think it’s worth investing in a diffuser if you haven’t already done so and start experimenting with different smells for different times of the day. See if it makes a difference to you and I assure you, you’ll be hooked.

I hope this blog has been useful to you – let me know your experiences so far with essential oils, and if this has helped at all. Enjoy some of the recipes and let me know how you get on.

Happy oiling!

Sarah xoxox

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